what we have prepared for you

We are continually improving and refining the technologies we use in cleaning, including searching for new trends in this area. Our services have always been and for a long time will be based on our human resources. Even so, we strive to incorporate new technologies, which we test before applying them in practice. The battery-powered washing machine I-Mop XL, the system for washing windows and glass surfaces with demineralized water Hiflo Hydro Poweror the cordless backpack vacuum cleaner BOSCH GAS 18 V-10 L are examples. Along with cleaning pads which make use of diamond particles, the products HTC Twister pad, 3M Scotch Brite and wide area vacuum cleaners from Truvoxare modern systems which help us service our clients efficiently and at a high level.

Space disinfection

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In connection with the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, the demand for one-off treatments and regular disinfection has increased significantly. We offer our customers a comprehensive set of services which can significantly help increase the level of protection against the COVID-19 virus and viruses in general.

Manual sanitation – our exit unit arrives and manually disinfects the premises and equipment.

Electrostatic aerosol – space disinfection technology using a cold mist generator. We use brand machines Fogger Victory P300S (in the video) and more. The disinfectant, which is based on nanoparticles, is applied using an electric aerosol / mist generator with a range of up to approx. 9 meters and can even clean hard-to-reach places which cannot usually be cleaned. The treated area is not only disinfected once, the resulting microfilm also protects the area for another 2–3 weeks.

First-class machines

Our company uses machinery and cleaning equipment exclusively from reputable manufacturers who not only sell machines but also offer appropriate service facilities. New technical equipment is purchased for each new order.

professional quality

We have equipment for a wide range of applications, from large and automatic machines to classic industrial. We choose machines for each order to fulfill 100% efficiency and quality.

Extractors (carpet cleaning), high-speed polishers (floor cleaning), single-disc machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc.

WALSER TOP-Cleaner Thanks to its high performance, it is especially suitable for cleaning public spaces, entrances to shopping malls, pavements, pedestrian zones, common rooms, platforms, airport areas, industrial halls and other large areas. It can also be used in smaller indoor areas to ensure sufficient ventilation.

special applications

We enjoy challenges and like to specialize in applications which differentiate us from the competition. No application is a problem for us. We are always looking for suitable solutions.

You can see the results of our work on heavy pollution (chewing gum, oil, etc.). The following applications are suitable, for example, for cleaning sidewalks and petrol pumps and heavily soiled industrial floors in general.